Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai

Desert safari Dubai is really a world’s most famous activity where magnificent landscapes give pleasant tours to all the visitors. Spending a night under the sparkling stars in the Arabian Desert gives a really enthralling enjoyment with many activities such as camel ride Dubai, safari ride, quad biking Dubai, Belly dance and dune bashing Dubai. Thrill begins from the very first moment you enter the desert and enjoy the welcome drinks upon arrival which are provided to the visitors. Thrilling activities in the desert keep your heart pumping for the entire day. Desert safari Dubai is located at a stone’s throw from the magnificent city where sandy shores and exciting activities amuse the lovers of nature. Major Highlights of the safari are the dance shows, sunset views, henna tattooing and BBQ dinner. This is the only safari which presents the sunset and sunrise views that take you to indulge in a never fading experience. Changing hues of the Sun & live dance shows in the desert that are performed near the bonfire fill you with ultimate delight. An opportunity to enjoy photography in the spectacular scenery to make the moment alive for lifetime. The traditional and cultural activities in the golden sand ensure a never ending fun under the stars and near bonfire. Campsite huts are arranged for the stay in the desert safari dubai which are decorated beautifully with cushions and carpets. To sink you in delight, the desert safari dubai is really the best where sleeping bags and blankets are also provided to the visitors. Start your journey in the land cruiser to enjoy the sumptuous meal, traditional performances and dune bashing. Gripping into the spectacular scenery in the golden sand of the desert gives a unique experience with the photographic opportunities, Arabian beverages, BBQ dinner and lots of fun that surely cheer-up your mood. A magnificent place that takes you to lose yourself in the amazing fun and thrill with wide variety of Flora and Fauna.

The Dubai deserts are some of the most visited deserts of the world because of their unique attractions for the tourists. The Desert Safari Dubai is the amazing thing to enjoy among all other attractions in Dubai. Desert safari Dubai is especially designed for the people who love the nature and star nights. The desert environment has its own attraction and charm. You will get involved fully in the desert life when you are there with us. Normally, this trip is designed for the group of four to six people to enhance the excitements in the trip. Your trip is planned with the experienced drivers to guide you on every step of your journey in the desert. You will experience the sandy dunes and the catchy sandy hills during this trip. The special desert jeeps turn your journey a fun for you.

Activities during the Desert Safari Dubai

Dune Bashing Dubai: A pleasant experience of enjoying the amazing dune bashing in the desert where enjoyment starts from the first moment. Sliding up and down in the golden sand which is the most exciting activity. The thrilling activity must be avoided by the persons having back pain.

Quad Biking Dubai: Quad Biking is the thrilling activity which is liked by the lovers of adventure. Ride a bike in the golden sand of the Desert really gives you an enthralling experience.

Camel Riding Dubai : An exciting experience of riding in the sand by sitting on the back of the camels which are called the ship of the desert. The stunning activity takes rider to explore the fun in the desert.

Belly Dance : Belly Dance is a western style dance which is performed by the female dancers. Popular Belly dance gives a pleasant and memorable experience to the riders.

Tanoura Dance :  Tanoura dance is a traditional folk dance of the Arabian Desert which is performed by men, wearing colorful skirts. In this dance, a senior dancer performs in the middle that seems like a moon and the juniors dance around the main dancer.

Shisha piping : Savoir the enhanced shisha channeling for the astounding knowledge amid the forsake safari.

BBQ dinner : Taste the delicious BBQ dinner which is arranged for you during Desert safari. Enjoy the Arabian dishes with the live dance performances under the stars.

Henna tattooing : Henna tattooing is the popular activity of the desert that gives an amazing experience of enjoying in Dubai. Henna tattooing is available at most of the spa centers and the malls in Dubai but it contains high charges.

Desert Safari Dubai


Sun rise and sunset view : During the desert safari dubai, the best opportunity for the lovers of nature to enjoy the amazing sunset and sunrise views. Observe the golden sand of the desert with changing hues. In the morning, enjoy the hot air balloon flights which is organised very early to give the thrilling experience by hovering over the golden sand.

Photography : An opportunity to enjoy photography in the spectacular scenery of the desert in the traditional Arabian costumes with a falcon on your arms.

Falconry show : Hawks are the principle winged creatures of UAE and this forsake safari takes you to watch the Falcons, see their natural surroundings, exercises and prey.

Desert Safari Dubai

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Desert Safari Dubai

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