Sharjah Ajman Tour

Green Tours Dubai presents you Sharjah Ajman City Tour Dubai that gives your trip to Dubai another vision and lets you to explore something new. We are always been very concerned towards your entertainment and to make sure that you will always find out some of the best nature’s secrets and explore something new. Visiting one place again and again is not your style and we understand that. That’s why we offer you a number of destinations and Sharjah Ajman city tour is a part of it. Here you will have a number of destinations that will make you amazed and happy as well.


Expand your Vision

If you are an explorer then we are letting you to expand your vision now and have a look outside Dubai. Although, it will be a short four hour tour from the cultural roundabout but will be full of adventure, information and explorations for sure. You are going to witness some of the exotic beautiful sense of the small town of Emirates. On your way back you will get a chance to satisfy your shopping craving at the local market where you can find out almost everything form gold to the common household item. Here you can experience the shopping into a completely different form.


Look Out for More

Although Sharja Ajman City Tour in Dubai will be a tour to a small town as compare to Dubai and many leading destinations in Emirates but for sure it is a pleasurable tour for sure. Here you will get to experience all the small details about the cultural versatility of Emirates and many other facts about the civilization and history too. This will be an amazing and even more attractive as in the minimum time you will get to have the best visits.


Beautiful Chain of Destinations

In your tour to Sharja and Ajman City you will have some nonstop destinations that will come back to back throughout your journey to please and amaze you. Here the destinations have made up a chain for you so you will not get bored for sure and will have a long list to complete that will for sure really very interesting too. The list of destinations includes:

  • King Faisal Mosque
  • Al Ithad Monument
  • The Rulers Old Palace
  • The Natural History Museum and Archaeological museum
  • Blue Souk, One of the most well known of Sharjah Souks, located on the edge of the lagoon, with its beautiful mosaics and traditional style
  • Ajman, another neighboring city. A visit to Ajman impressive museum, housed in an old fort, which depicts traditional life before the discovery of oil.
  • and lots more…


Book Now!

To have some other views about the Emirates and to discover that how Ajman looks traditionally before the discovery of oil here do make up a visit over here. There will b a lot of secrets that you can revel about the places and get to study the Arabian civilization and tradition to a close extent. So, book your Sharjah Ajman City Tour Dubai timings with us now and feel free to ask for more details and further inquiries. Our professionals are always available to make you satisfy and deliver you the best answers of all the time. We are available around the year 24/7.


Note: Early Reservations are recommended. Group bookings and exclusive can be arrange on request, please inquire the rates


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